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Chemistry Department

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ABOUT The Department

The Department of Chemistry, St. Edmund's College was formally opened in 1937 following the establishment of the college in the year 1923. The Department at present has six regular Faculty and one part time teacher in the college post. Out of them, five are Associate Professors and one Assistant Professor, all in the UGC post. Besides, there are two laboratory attendants.

To begin with, the Chemistry department was started in 1937 under the headship of Prof. B.B.Roy. The department later started BSc. Hons course in the year 1959 under the headship of Prof. S.C.Guha. Initially there was one laboratory which has expanded into three separated laboratories in the new set-up. Over the time, it has grown into a full-fledged department with a present strength of students about hundred including B Sc. first, second and third year students. From a meagre beginning, we have now procured many up- to-date instruments as well as chemicals to support in the pursuance of practical classes by the students. The department is now in a position to even support small scale research projects and in fact we have introduced projects for the third year students as a part of curriculum which are running successfully for the past five years. The department has in the past organised various National Seminars , National Symposium, Workshops, Exhibition, Guest Lectures etc.

The Department has got sanction from UGC to run career oriented course- Advanced Analytical Chemistry for its final year students. It has also launched its own Departmental Magazine entitled "The Chemist Mind" in the year 2011.


Bsc Chemistry

Course Structure
The Following subject combination(s) is available for the Degree Course. Student will have to choose only ONE combination.
Subject Combination - CH: 1CH: 1 - CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS, MATHEMATICS
Subject Combination - CH: 2CH: 2 - CHEMISTRY, BOTANY, ZOOLOGY
SemesterCore Papers
1st Semester Chem EH 101: Part A: Inorganic, Organic and Physical Theory, Chem EH 101: Part B: Practical (Organic- Elective), Chem H 101: Practical (Organic - Honours) .
2nd Semester Chem EH 201: Part A: Inorganic, Organic and Physical Theory, Chem EH 201: Part B: Practical (Physical).
3rd Semester Chem EH 301: Part A: Inorganic, Organic and Physical Theory, Chem EH 301: Part B: Practical (Inorganic - I).
4th Semester Chem EH 401: Part A: Inorganic, Organic and Physical Theory, Chem EH 401: Part B: Practical (Inorganic - II).
5th Semester Chem H 501: Part A: Inorganic Theory, Chem H 501: Part B: Organic Theory, Chem H 502: Part A:Physical Theory, Chem H 502: Part B:Practical (Organic), Chem H 502: Part C:Practical (Physical.
6th Semester Chem H 601: Part A: Inorganic Theory, Chem H 601: Part B: Organic Theory, Chem H 602: Part A:Physical Theory, Chem H 602: Part B:Practical (Inorganic), Chem H 602: Part C:Seminar.
*Note: The course structure may change as per NEHU curriculum and Guidelines.

Faculty Profile

NameQualificationDesignationYear of Joining
  Sumit Deb MSc Assistant Professor1993
  Dr.Prashanta Sarkhel MSc, Ph.D Assistant Professor1995
  Subhrajyoti Chowdhury MSc Assistant Professor1997
  Dr. Iadeishisha Kharbangar MSc, Ph.D Assistant Professor2015
  Baristar Lyngkhoi MSc, Ph.D Assistant Professor2018
  Khrawboklang Nongsiej Msc, Ph.D Assistant Professor2018


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