From 2013, St. Edmund's College maintains three hostels, namely Brother O' Leary Residence (also known as the B.T. Hostel); Bro. J. N. Foley Students' Residence (formerly known as the New Hostel) and a girls hostel.

        The Bro. O'Leary Residence was founded in 1937 by Rev. Bro. J. I. O'Leary of the Congregation of Irish Christian Brothers as a post-graduate residence for students attending Bachelor of Teaching (B.T.) courses in the St. Edmund's College. After about 14 years, to support the changing need of the students, there was qualitative change of the hostel. It was converted into an undergraduate residence for the students of St. Edmund's College in 1951.

        Since the day of foundation, the academic environment of the hostel was nurtured and strengthened by the hostel superintendents, especially Dr. B Dutta Ray, who was the Hostel superintendent for many years since the hostel was opened to undergraduate students.

        The Bro. J. N. Foley Students' Residence was constructed in 1957 and the first batch of Hostel students was taken in 1958. It has accommodation for about 50 boarders. The hostel provides a conducive environment for studies. In 1998, the Hostel was dedicated, as a mark of respect and in fond memory of Bro. J. N Foley a former principal of the College, during whose tenure the hostel was opened. The hostel superintendent has been supported in their care for the students by the respective Principals: Rev. Brothers E. X. Leonard, J. N. Foley, R. B. Vieyra, M. G. Shannon, and W. D' Souza, A. F. Pinto, E. V. Miranda and L. D. Lobo.

        The Girls Hostel was established in the year 2013