About Us

        Environmental Science today is a growing discipline and has emerged as an important field of study. The Department of Environmental Science, St. Edmund’s College, was established in the year 2006 by the then Principal Bro. E.V. Miranda. The Department was established with the aim of imparting, to the students of the region, awareness and knowledge about the environment, skills to identify the problems associated with it and to foster attitudes and participation in various environmental issues. The department started with two faculty members including Dr. Jasmine T. Sawian. In the year 2007, the Department was approved by the North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong to start an Environmental Science Honours course and became the first college in Meghalaya to offer such a course.

        Besides the conventional mode of teaching via lecture, assignment method, field trips, guest lecturers, etc., the department is also involved in other modern methods of teaching using the latest technology besides screening of documentaries, exposure trips, project work, workshops and seminars all of which will give the student a more in depth understanding of the subject. The department has well-equipped laboratories, departmental library and LCD enabled classrooms. A certificate course in Vermicomposting is also offered to students of the college. The Depatment has consistently produced good results, with a number of students being absorbed in academics, research, government services, industries and others. The Department has been included under the DBT Star college scheme in the year 2017.

Course Structure

Semester Core Paper
1st Semester EVS 111: Concepts and Components of Environment, EVS 112: Practical,
2nd Semester EVS 211: Ecology: Population, Community and Ecosystem, EVS 212: Practical,
3rd Semester EVS 311: Environmental Physics and Environmental Chemistry, EVS 312: Practical,
4th Semester EVS 411: Natural Resources, EVS 412: Practical,
5th Semester EVS 511: Environmental Pollution and Contemporary Environmental Issues, EVS 512: Practical, EVS 513: Tools and Techniques in Environmental Science, EVS 514: Practical,
6th Semester EVS 611: Biodiversity Conservation & Environmental Biotechnology, EVS 612: Practical, EVS 613: Environmental Laws, EIA and Environmental Economics, EVS 614: Project Work,

Additional Courses / Activities / Events