St. Edmund's College Library

Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination.
They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life.

Sidney Sheldon

Monday to Saturday: 8am to 5pm.
Library will remain close on all Sundays and gazetted holidays.

Loss of a library card should be reported to library and fill the prescribed forms available in the library

Students must report in writing to the librarian in case library book is lost or misplaced. member must replace the book as soon as possible. In case a book is out of print or not available in the market it must be reported to the Librarian.


o CIRCULATION SERVICE: Library circulation comprises the activities around the lending of library books and other material to users. It consists of service related to issue, return and renewal of books to patrons.

o READING ROOM SERVICE: College library provides a reading room facility to students.

o CURRENT AWARENESS SERVICE: College library provides the current awareness service to the users through new arrivals display or display the list of new books. The purpose of CAS is to inform the users about new acquisitions in their libraries.

o REFERENCE SERVICE: Service provided by libraries whereby patrons are assisted in the location and retrieval of information relevant to their information needs. It is the personal interaction between the users and the staff. There are various reference materials available i.e. encyclopedias, dictionaries, biographies, bibliographies etc.

o OPAC(Online Public Access Catalogue): The OPAC can be used to search the holdings of the library and to request or reserve books, to search items available in the library, to find a book on the shelf. Users may search the OPAC for a book, note the call number, and search the relevant shelves. Users can ask for help from library staff in case of difficulty in finding the required book.

o USER ASSISTANCE SERVICE: Librarians who assist, advise, and instruct users in accessing all forms of recorded knowledge. Whenever users need help they can ask the staff. Staff is always available for providing information to users.

o SYLLABUS AND LAST YEAR QUESTION PAPERS: Syllabus and last year's question papers are provided by the library to users on demand.


1. All members have to produce identity cards while entering the library. All Identity cards to be scanned at the e-gate.

2. All belongings are to be kept at the property counter.

3. Members should not keep money, mobile phones, gold ornaments or any valuables in the property counter if they do so it will be at their own risk.

4. 4 cards will be issued for each student.

5. Borrowing of books will be for a period of 14 days. Books which are in high demand and less copies will be issued only for a period of 7 days.

6. Books will not be returned on the same day of issue.

7. A fine of @2 rupees per day per book will be charged if books are kept beyond the due date

8. Books to be checked before leaving the library.

9. No books to be issued on Saturday except for returning and renewing

10. Question bank of one year can be issued on Saturday and to be returned on Monday.

11. Silence is to observed inside the library.

12. No eatables is allowed inside , only water is allowed.

13. Mobile phones are to be kept in silent mode or vibration.

14. Damage and misuse of library material and equipment is not allowed.



Mrs. Eujunita M Bamon


Mrs Bashailin Kharmuti


Mr. Ghanashyam Sharma


Mrs. Marcia L Sun


Ms. Happiness Kharduit