About Us

The Department of Economics traces its origin to the inception of the College in 1923. For 13 years, that is, up to 1936, Economics and Civics were clubbed together at the Intermediate level. Prof. A. C. Roy was the first lecturer to join the Department. As years went by, Economics was introduced at the Degree level in 1937, affiliated to Calcutta University.
It was under the leadership and guidance of Prof. H.K. Dhar, well known as the grand old man, that Degree classes were started in Economics. It was also during his tenure that Economics which was clubbed with Political Science for 25 years (1936-1961) got itself separated and acquired a status of a full-fledged department in 1962.

Course Structure

Semester Core Paper
1st Semester Paper I: Introductory Economic Theory,
2nd Semester Paper II: Development and Environmental Economics,
3rd Semester Paper III: Indian Economy,
4th Semester Paper IV: Mathematics for Economists,
5th Semester Paper V: Advanced Economic Theory, Paper VI: International Economics,
6th Semester Paper VII: Statistics, Paper VIII: Public Economics,

Additional Courses / Activities / Events