About Us

The Department of Mathematics was established in 1937. At present, there are six faculty members, with Prof. Dipankar Deb as the Head.

Mathematics, being a challenging—and rewarding—discipline, the Department strives its utmost to teach, guide and mentor its wards in the course of their tenure, augmenting their normal classes with tutorials, remedials and bridge courses, and employing a plethora of tools, ranging from the conventional to the high-tech, and drawing from a trove of resources, from the classical to the contemporary, towards this end. The Department, indeed, prides itself in its concern for the students--and their seeming response to our endeavours, as evidenced by their invariably noteworthy academic increase by the time they graduate.

The Department is equipped with a Computer Laboratory, and a Library boasting a collection of a wide variety of books and resources covering various aspects of mathematics education.

The Department is currently a beneficiary of the prestigious DBT- STAR College Scheme, Government of India. It actively engages with other Departments of the College, and regularly assists them in their courses warranting mathematical expertise.

Apart from curricular activity, the Department regularly organises events and activities, such as popular talks, seminars, mathematical competitions, etc, providing the students with ample opportunities to participate, learn, grow—as well as to organise, lead and conduct. The Department has also been undertaking a number of outreach programmes, primarily to schools in remote areas of the state.

The faculty members are also actively engaged in different administrative capacities in the College, in MBOSE and NEHU (Syllabus Committee, BOS, Moderation Committee, etc).

Course Structure

Semester Core Paper
1st Semester GHS 11 Algebra - I & Calculus - I (100 marks),
2nd Semester GHS 21 Geometry & Vector Calculus (100 marks),
3rd Semester GHS 31 Statics & Calculus - II (100 marks),
4th Semester GHS 41 Algebra II & Dynamics (100 marks),
5th Semester H 51 Elementary Number Theory (40 marks) , H 52 Advanced Calculus I (60 marks), H 53 Differential Equations (40 marks), H 54 Advanced Dynamics (60 marks),
6th Semester H 61 Advanced Calculus II (40 marks), H 62 Advanced Algebra (60 marks) , HOP 1 Computer Programming in C and Computer Oriented Numerical Analysis (100 marks),

Additional Courses / Activities / Events