About Us

The Department of Zoology came into being in the year 1962 after the bifurcation of the Biology Department ( which started in the year 1946 ) into Zoology and Botany department .The person who took over the responsibility as the first Head of the department of zoology was Prof Dhiresh Chandra Dhar who with his sincerity and dedication made a humble beginning and of course a drastic transformation could be observed as time progressed .

Through the sincere effort of the then Principal , Rev. Bro.J.N.Foley and the Head of the department , Prof D.C. Dhar , The Gauhati University in 1962 sanctioned St.Edmund's college with an additional course in Zoology which was was followed by the enrollment of students into the Zoology Honours stream. There were four students who enrolled themselves as the first batch Zoology honours students one of which happened to be our former head of the department and former Vice Principal, Dr.Donbor Roy Thangkhiew .

Every year the Number of Students admitted into the Department as zoology Honours students is 50 and the department has students from other subjects who take Zoology as Their general paper such as students from Chemistry , Biochemistry , Botany , Environmental studies .

Course Structure

Semester Core Paper
1st Semester Paper 1A ( Theory) Systematics, Paper 1B ( Practical) Animal Diversity and Evolution,
2nd Semester Paper 2A ( Theory) , Paper 2B ( Practical ),
3rd Semester Paper 3A ( Theory ) Animal Physiology, Paper 3 B ( Practical ) Endocrinology and Biochemistry,
4th Semester Paper 4 A ( Theory ) Development Biology , Paper 4 B ( Practical ) Ecology and Economic Zoology,
5th Semester Paper 5 A ( Theory ) Functional Anatomy, Paper 5 B ( Practical ) ZooGeography and Adaptations , Paper 6 A ( Theory ), Paper 6B ( Practical ) ,
6th Semester Paper 7 A ( Theory ) Biochemistry, Paper 7 B ( Practical) Animal Physiology and Endocrinology, Paper 8 A ( Theory ) Developmental Biology , Paper 8 B ( Practical ) Environmental Biology and Biotechnology,

Additional Courses / Activities / Events