St. Edmund’s College was founded by the Irish Christian Brothers in India in 1916 and started Secondary School upto Cambridge Standard.

In the year 1923, Christian Brothers started Arts & Science intermediate classes. In 1924 St. Edmund’s College became the first College in this beautiful hill station and got affiliated with Calcutta University. In 1936 with BA & BT, St. Edmund’s College became full-fledged Degree College under the Principalship of Bro. J. C. Roe. In 1941 1st March, Mr. Raj Kumar Bhattacharjee was appointed as full time office incharge, subsequently Mr. Harding Ladia, Mr. Strongman Kharmih and the same legacy is been maintained by Mr. Bhakti Kishore Bhattacharjee. Currently the strength of the office staff has been increased to nine:

1. Shri. Bhakti Kishore Bhattacharjee
2. Shri. Shyamal Kumar Sen
3. Smti. Lovely Christie Nongrum
4. Smti. Sushama Debnath
5. Shri. Vicky Kharsyntiew
6. Shri. Andriasius Dkhar
7. Smti. Mercyta Kharkongor
8. Smti. Saphiralin S Marbaniang
9. Shri. Johnfulmin Pohti

The present St. Edmund’s College is the result of its hard working office staffs, dedicated supporting staff and well equipped teaching faternity.