The Institutional Biotech Hub Facility, located at the premises of the Biotechnology Department of the College, established in 2012 is funded by DBT, Govt. of India. The broad purpose of the facility is to promote education and research in biology/life Science/biotechnology and to attract brilliant young students to build their career in different fields of biological sciences/biotechnology.

The support under this programme has been provided initially for a period of 3 years. The hub has state of art facilities with a world class infrastructure, with basic sets of instruments for biotechnology research. The major activity of the hub is to provide training to students and teachers on basic biotechnology research and also to collaborate with other institutes for research activities.

Presently the hub is focusing on the gene and protein characterization, structure prediction, molecular docking of cyanobacteria in context to the dye decolorization. Furthermore the centre is also emphasized on in silico based modeling of various enzymes that are important for metal stress in cyanobacterial system. Besides these, the hubs would provide online library resources and animations for the undergraduate students of biology. The hub invites all the students and teachers to use the facility. email: