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Sociology Department

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ABOUT The Department

Sociology Department, St. Edmund's College was introduced in the year 1985 with a total strength of Fifteen (15) students opting for Sociology Honours. The Department started with only one teacher, Ms. Iamonlang M. Syiem in the faculty. Subsequently Mr B. N. Mishra joined the Department in the year 1986, followed by Mr P. B. Nanda in 1987.

In August 2000, Mr P.B.Nanda left and the position was filled by Dr. Rekha Shangpliang till June 2003 when she went on to join the Faculty of Sociology, N.E.H.U. In the same year the post was filled by Ms. Finley E. J. Syngai. In 2009 the fourth member Mr Jeffreyson Wahlang joined the Department.

Over the years the Department has been assisted by a number of part time Lecturers. On record they were Ms. Aldila Mawlong (now in Lady Keane College), Dr. Surojit Sen Gupta and Ms. Liza Syiem (now in Seng Khasi College).

The Department also has a record of students coming from Burma, Thailand, Bhutan and Finland which has culturally enriched the Department.

Academic Achievements: Except for two years when there was no First Class in the University results, the Department has consistently had position holders and First Class students. In 2014 there were eight (out of ten) position holders with a total of eighteen first class which was a benchmark for the Department.

Activities: Over the years the Department had initiated a number of programs and activities ranging from Seminars,Workshops, Popular talks, class lectures from faculty of other departments , interactions with visitors from other parts of India and abroad (visiting Fullbright Fellow Prof. Murray Milner, from Virginia University was with us for three months, Prof Barth Yeboah, Kutztown Univ. Pennysylvania, Dr. Neil Hockey, Univ. of Malaya and students from the US and and South America among others.) The Department also takes the students for sociological outings including tree planting.


BA Sociology

Course Structure
The Following subject combination(s) is available for the Degree Course. Student will have to choose only ONE combination.
SemesterCore Papers
1st Semester SOC UG 101 Introduction of Sociology - 1.
2nd Semester SOC UG 201 Introduction of Sociology - 2.
3rd Semester SOC UG 301 Indian Society.
4th Semester SOC UG 401 Sociological Theories.
5th Semester SOC UG 501 Sociology of Family and Kinship, SOC UG 502 Economic Sociology .
6th Semester SOC UG 601 Sociology of Religion OR SOC UG 602 Political Sociology, SOC UG 603 Research Methodology.
*Note: The course structure may change as per NEHU curriculum and Guidelines.

Faculty Profile

NameQualificationDesignationYear of Joining
  Finley Edna Joanes Syngai M.A, NET Assistant Professor2003
  Ritisha Kharshong M.A, NET Lecturer2017
  William B. F. Lynrah M.A, NET Assistant Professor2019
  Nafisabeth Syiemlieh M.A., NET Assistant Professor2022

Previous Years Results

Final Year Examination
No. of Students Appeared63
No. of Students Passed61
No. of Position in the University13
1st Position Annisha Ali Syiemiong
1st Position Nikita Barman
3rd Position Treenabhaa Dutta
4th Position Prastuti Bora
4th Position Dyutimoyee Kalita
5th Position C. Zonunpuia
6th Position Prachi Bora
6th Position Jennefer Chiru
7th Position Keneinguvou Nagi
7th Position Esther Longchar
8th Position Blessing Jasha
9th Position Ishika Bhuyan
10th Position Radhika Gogoi
No. of 1st class60
No. of 2nd class1
No. of Simple Pass0
Final Year Examination
No. of Students Appeared60
No. of Students Passed55
No. of Position in the University2
1st Position Zini Kakati
2nd Position Shubhankar Sarma
No. of 1st class55
No. of 2nd class0
No. of Simple Pass0
Final Year Examination
No. of Students Appeared57
No. of Students Passed52
No. of Position in the University1
1st Position Zosangliani
No. of 1st class45
No. of 2nd class7
No. of Simple Pass0
Final Year Examination
No. of Students Appeared34
No. of Students Passed30
No. of Position in the University9
1st Position Ibakordor Khongiong
3rd Position Jahida Ibtesam Rahman
4th Position Mimum Apang
5th Position Namashyaa Bezbaruah
6th Position Lalvohbiki
7th Position Rajashree Sharma
8th Position Monesen Apon
9th Position Shabana Shahnaz
10th Position Sukanya Devi
No. of 1st class28
No. of 2nd class2
No. of Simple Pass0
Final Year Examination
No. of Students Appeared53
No. of Students Passed51
No. of Position in the University2
9th Position Gloria R Panmei
10th Position Ringchaengdin Panmei
No. of 1st class38
No. of 2nd class12
No. of Simple Pass0
Final Year Examination
No. of Students Appeared58
No. of Students Passed47
No. of Position in the University5
2nd Position Rebecca Nianbiakkim
7th Position Jenny Panmei
8th Position Violina Sharma
9th Position Jacqueline Sauntak
10th Position Tiarenla Anilar
No. of 1st class11
No. of 2nd class31
No. of Simple Pass0