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Biotechnology Department

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ABOUT The Department

Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary course with application of biology in technology. In order to advent the need of having a professional course the Congregation of Christian Brothers in India had started the course in Biotechnology in St. Edmund's College, Shillong.

Initially the conceptual idea for erecting a professional subject like Biotechnology was first conceived by Bro. L.D. Lobo, ex-principal St. Edmund's College Shillong and Prof. J. Sen, Department of Zoology St. Edmund's College Shillong in the year 2005. Owing to their continuous effort and pertaining through the vernacular norms of the university the department existed into limelight in 2006. Bro. Miranda principal during that time took over all the duties and eventually started the department and inaugurated on 3rdJune, 2006 which was inaugurated by Prof. Pramod Tandon, ex vice chancellor NEHU, Shillong. Prof. J.Sen was appointed the first Head of Department from 2006 onwards along with the appointment of another faculty Dr. Samrat Adhikari.

Presently the department is headed by Dr Samrat Adhikari under the auspicious chairmanship of our Principal Dr.Sylvanus Lamare with four other staffs and two research students. The department has been pursuing very well and has been nominated by Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India under its STAR college programme.

Besides these the department has also Bioinformatics Infrastructure and Institutional Biotech Hub Facility (Funded by DBT, Govt. of India). The objective and mission of this department is to impart high quality education to undergraduate students in the field of biotechnology so that they can prepare themselves to contribute as professionals to the fast growing industries such as fermentation technology, bioinformatics, genetic engineering, vaccine development, transgenic technology, diagnostic and therapeutic products, etc., in the country and beyond.


Bsc Biotechnology

Course Structure
The Following subject combination(s) is available for the Degree Course. Student will have to choose only ONE combination.
SemesterCore Papers
1st Semester Paper I (T) Cell Biology and Genetics, Paper I (P) Laboratory.
2nd Semester Paper II (T) Biological Chemistry, Paper II (P) Laboratory.
3rd Semester Paper III (T) Biostatistics & Biological Techniques, Paper III (P) Laboratory.
4th Semester Paper IV (T) Molecular Biology & Immunology, Paper IV (P) Laboratory.
5th Semester Paper V (T) Recombinant DNA Technology, Paper V (P) Laboratory, Paper VI (T) Microbiology & Environmental Biotechnology, Paper VI (P) Laboratory.
6th Semester Paper VII (T) Animal & Plant Biotechnology, Paper VII (P) Laboratory, Paper VIII (T) Genomics, Proteomics & Computer Application, Paper VIII (P) Laboratory.
*Note: The course structure may change as per NEHU curriculum and Guidelines.

Faculty Profile

NameQualificationDesignationYear of Joining
  Dr. Samrat Adhikari MSc, Ph.D Associate Professor2006
  Dr. Baiakmenlang Manners MSc, Ph.D. Lecturer2007
  Dr. Gopesh Paul MSc, Ph.D Lecturer2010
  Koben Nongkynrih MSc, NET Assistant Professor2011
  Shekinah Challam M.Sc, NET Assistant Professor2013

Previous Years Results

2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017
B.Sc. Final Year Examination 2021
No. of Students Appeared29
No. of Students passed26
No. of 1st class26
Pass %90%
No. of University RanksNot Declared
University Position(s)-
B.Sc. Final Year Examination 2020
No. of Students Appeared34
No. of Students passed29
No. of 1st class26
No. of 2nd class3
Pass %86%
No. of University RanksNot Declared
University Position(s)-
B.Sc. Final Year Examination 2019
No. of Students Appeared38
No. of Students passed36
No. of 1st class31
No. of 2nd class5
Pass %95%
No. of University Ranks8
2nd positionDevatrisha Purkayastha
3rd positionLawanbiang Lawphniaw
4th positionSorforaz Lashkar
5th positionTeresa Wanshuk Langstang
6th positionFlemming L Nonglait
8th positionMarylene Wahlang
9th positionIadameka D Ryntathiang
10th positionAlisha Thapa
B.Sc. Final Year Examination 2018
No. of Students Appeared29
No. of Students passed29
No. of 1st class28
No. of 2nd class1
Pass %96%
No. of University Ranks5
4th positionBarihun Thyrniang
5th positionDominic Lyngdoh
6th positionJoneto Nongmaithem
8th positionRichborn Kharbuli
10th positionEvarisha Lyngdoh
B.Sc. Final Year Examination 2017
No. of Students Appeared36
No. of Students passed28
No. of 1st class16
No. of 2nd class12
Pass %78%
No. of University Ranks6
1st positionSheetal Joshi
3rd position Himani Agarwal
4th positionMonisha Bhattacharjee
6th position Jemima Yobin
9th positionDrihaphishisha Kharpran
10th positionDeitilin Nongkhlaw