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Computer Application Department

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ABOUT The Department

The Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) course was introduced in St. Edmund’s College, Shillong in the year 2010 as a part of Department of Computer Science - with support of the Department of Mathematics, Electronics, English, Commerce and Environmental Science, of the College.

The Department, alongside normal classes, has been conducting various seminars and short-term courses under DBT grant(Prof. S. Sunila Chanu as coordinator till 2018)/College Fund/Department fund.

Prof. Sarmistha Deb, as a coordinator of The Spoken Tutorial Project under IIT Bombay alongwith Prof. Rajni Khyriem has also been conducting various certified courses on Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) viz. PHP & MySql, Linux, BASH, PYTHON, GIMP, LaTeX, etc. (An audio-video tutorial).

Later in the year 2020, the BCA course was bifurcated as Department Of Computer Application (B.C.A) headed by Prof. Sarmistha Deb in February, 2020.



The Bachelor of Computer Applications(Honours) programme is a three-year full-time Bachelors Degree Program in Computer Applications resulting in the award of the Bachelors Degree in Computer Applications (Honours) by the University.
The objective is to provide a sound academic base from which a moderate to advanced career in Computer Applications can be developed. A firm, conceptual grounding in computer applications in the practical environment is the focus of the programme. Keeping the above objective in view, the programme has been designed to prepare employable students with knowledge, skills and aptitude appropriate for the prevalent IT market in India. Accordingly, the emphasis of the programme is more on programming and software applications.

Course Structure
SemesterCore Papers
1st Semester Mathematics - I, Digital Computer Fundamentals, Programming in C.
2nd Semester Mathematics - II, Data Structure in C, Computer System Architecture.
3rd Semester Financial Accounting and Management, DBMS, Operating System and Introduction to LINUX .
4th Semester Software Engineering, Data Communication And Networks, Programming.
5th Semester English, Object Oriented Programming Through Java, Elective 1*.
6th Semester Environmental Studies, Elective 2*, Project Work.
*Note: The course structure may change as per NEHU curriculum and Guidelines.

A student can choose one subject from each Elective Paper.

Elective 1* - Internet & Web Technology Using MYSQL And PHP Internet
Elective 1* - Web Technologies Using JSP
Elective 2* - Artificial Intelligence
Elective 2* - Data Warehousing and Data Mining
Elective 2* - Operations Research
Elective 2* - Network Security
Elective 2* - E-Commerce

Faculty Profile

NameQualificationDesignationYear of Joining
  Sarmistha Deb MSc (CS) Lecturer1996
  S. Sunila Chanu MCA Lecturer2011
  Reema Joshi MSc (CS), NET Lecturer2011
  Rajni Khyriem MCA, NET Lecturer2011
  Melvin Star Majaw MCA, NET Assistant Professor2019

Previous Years Results

2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017
B.C.A. Final Year Examination 2022
No. of Students Appeared44
No. of Students passed44
No. of 1st class42
No. of 2nd class2
Pass %100%
No. of University Ranks7
1st PositionManas Pratim Gogoi
2nd PositionPushpita Chakraborty
3rd PositionRohit Barua
5th PositionSiddharth Poon
7th PositionAkash Moirangthem
8th PositionNishita Malakar
10th PositionSK Shoaib Alam
B.C.A. Final Year Examination 2021
No. of Students Appeared53
No. of Students passed53
No. of 1st class41
No. of 2nd class12
Pass %100%
No. of University Ranks1
University Position(s)1st - Ajanta Choudhury
B.C.A. Final Year Examination 2020
No. of Students Appeared49
No. of Students passed45
No. of 1st class22
No. of 2nd class13
Pass %91.8%
No. of University Ranks-
B.C.A. Final Year Examination 2019
No. of Students Appeared52
No. of Students passed49
No. of 1st class21
No. of 2nd class23
Pass %94.2%
No. of University Ranks6
1st PositionAbishek Bista
2nd PositionMuskan Kariwala
3rd PositionPooja Kumari Kushwaha
5th PositionManisha Kumari
7th PositionDeimiwan Dylan Ryngksai
9th PositionMark Gilbert Thabah
B.C.A. Final Year Examination 2018
No. of Students Appeared34
No. of Students passed24
No. of 1st class10
Pass %70.5%
No. of University Ranks2
3rd PositionAbhijeet Das
9th PositionPynshngainbor Diengdoh
B.C.A. Final Year Examination 2017
No. of Students Appeared44
No. of Students passed28
No. of 1st class21
Pass %63.3%
No. of University Ranks5
3rd PositionBanlumlang War
5th PositionPoulomi Deb
6th PositionSunita Rawat
7th PositionIaninehborlang Mawlein Nongsiej
9th PositionGoodleaderson Lyngdoh Mawlot