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Electronics Department

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ABOUT The Department

St Edmund's College started the Department of Electronics in the year 1982 with two faculty members Prof. D.R. Bhattacharjee and Prof. W. Passah. In the year 1992 the Electronics Honours course was introduced and since then the department has been growing in strength and quality. Being the first and only college in Meghalaya to offer such a course , the department has been a blessing to many young aspiring students of the region in pursuing a course which bridged the gap between science and technology.

Since inception the Department has been producing good results and most of the students are either absorbed in academics ,IT industries or Government services. Apart from conducting a degree course the department is also providing a certificate course in Basic Electronics & PC assembling . The department has a well equipped laboratory with up to date instruments to suit the need of the ever growing demands in electronics. The department has been included under the DBT Star college scheme in the year 2017. The department has a present strength of five faculty and one lab assistant.


Bsc Electronics

Course Structure
The Following subject combination(s) is available for the Degree Course. Student will have to choose only ONE combination.
SemesterCore Papers
1st Semester ELEC 101(T): Semiconductor and PN junction diode, Network theorem, Measuring Instruments, DC & AC....
2nd Semester ELEC 201(T): Bipolar Transistor, Biasing and Modeling, Transistor Amplifier, and Unipolar devices, ELEC 201(P): Practical I (Marks 25).
3rd Semester ELEC 301(T) Feedback and Oscillator, Multivibrator, Operational amplifier, Digital Electronics I, ELEC 301(P): Practical II.
4th Semester ELEC 401(T): Fourier series and Transform, Laplace Transform, Radio wave propagation & Analog comm.., ELEC 401(P): Practical III.
5th Semester ELEC 501(T): Digital Electronics II , ELEC 501(P): Practical IV , ELEC 502(T): Optical fiber and Optical Communication, Pulse Modulation, Microwaves..., ELEC 502(P): Practical V.
6th Semester ELEC 601(T): Antenna, Transmission line, Waveguides, Control system, ELEC 602(T): Vector Analysis, Electro Dynamics, Quantum Mechanics, ELEC 602(PR): Project.
*Note: The course structure may change as per NEHU curriculum and Guidelines.

Faculty Profile

NameQualificationDesignationYear of Joining
  Dr. D. R. Choudhury MSc, Ph.D Associate Professor1989
  S Chakraborty MSc Assistant Professor1998
  Dr. H. C. Medhi MSc, Ph.D Lecturer2010
  Kishore Chakravorty MSc, NET Assistant Professor2006
  B P Thangkhiew MSc, NET Assistant Professor2011

Previous Years Results

2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017
B.Sc. Final Year Examination 2021
No. of Students Appeared34
No. of Students passed32
No. of 1st class32
No. of 2nd class-
Pass %94%
No. of University RanksProvisional List Not Declared
B.Sc. Final Year Examination 2020
No. of Students Appeared32
No. of Students passed27
No. of 1st class25
No. of 2nd class2
Pass %84.3%
No. of University RanksProvisional List Not Declared
B.Sc. Final Year Examination 2019
No. of Students Appeared26
No. of Students passed15
No. of 1st class12
No. of 2nd class3
Pass %57.6%
No. of University Ranks10
B.Sc. Final Year Examination 2018
No. of Students Appeared23
No. of Students passed10
No. of 1st class8
No. of 2nd class2
Pass %43.4%
No. of University Ranks8
B.Sc. Final Year Examination 2017
No. of Students Appeared21
No. of Students passed15
No. of 1st class13
No. of 2nd class2
Pass %71.4%
No. of University Ranks10