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IQAC St. Edmund’s College

IQAC St. Edmund’s College was established as a post NAAC accreditation on June 10, 2004. The First Accreditation was done in the year 2004 where it was graded “A” with a percentage of 87.5 and subsequently in 2009 the college was re-accreditated and was graded ‘A’ with CGPA of 3.08.

One of the major challenges of the IQAC is quality sustenance of the institution. It has channelized various efforts and measures towards the holistic development of the college. In the post accreditation scenario it played a crucial role in the implementation of the recommendations of Exit Report of the NAAC Peer Team in the college besides looking at the overall quality development of the college.


The IQAC oversees the quality sustenance measures of the college which focus on the NAAC accreditation and re-accreditation. The IQAC coordinates in organising faculty development programmes like seminars & workshops in the college. It also encourages faculty members to attend refresher and orientation courses as part of the preparation for their career advancement. The IQAC organises training and orientation for the associate staff (non-teaching) on topics ranging from campus maintenance and cleanliness to laboratory maintenance and office management. It also coordinates in student’s progression and activities. The IQAC coordinates in preparation of all departmental reports and magazines.

Committee Members

  1. Dr. Sylvanus Lamare: Chairperson, Principal
  2. Gideon L. Kharkongor: IQAC Coordinator, Department of Geography
  3. Bro. L. D. Lobo: Rector, CCBI Representative
  4. Bro. Simon Coelho: Secretary GB, CCBI Representative
  5. Bro. S. Julius: Bursar, CCBI Representative
  6. Ramesh Bawri: Member, Alumni Representative
  7. Gordon M.B. Sawkmie: Member, Locality Representative
  8. Dr. Jenniefer Dkhar: Member, Department of English
  9. Dr. H.S.Ranhotra: Member, Department of Biochemistry
  10. Bertrand Dkhar: Member, Department of Computers
  11. Dr. Lobisor Kurbah: Member, Department of Physics
  12. Rajesh Dutta: Member, Department of Economics
  13. Gautam Deb: Member, Department of Commerce
  14. Dipankar Deb: Member, Department of Mathematics
  15. Prashant Sarkhel: Member, Department of Chemistry
  16. Eric B. Nongkynrih: Member, Department of English
  17. Eujunita Bamon: Member, Librarian
  18. Hazer Warjri: Member, Student’s Representative
  19. Upasana Mahanta: Member, Student’s Representative